Why We Need to Be More Aware of What We Put Down The Kitchen Sink

Sadly, we are ALL guilty of, at one time or another, putting something down the sink that we shouldn’t. It’s a lot easier just to pour, or let something go down the drain, after all, it can’t hurt, can it?

While your drains are probably working quite well now, it’s only a matter of time before all that grease and grime starts to build up, and then clogs your drain for good.

There are certain items that should never be poured down the sink.

FLOUR –  your sink isn’t a bin. If you have ever made a cake, you know that flour and water make a gooey mess, imagine what happens when flour and water meet inside your drain. If you want to avoid a blocked drain, don’t pour flour down the sink.

MILK – while you might be surprised at this one, any dairy products poured down the drain can have an impact on the environment. This is because milk needs large amounts of oxygen to be broken down in the environment which deprives other organisms of the air they need to survive.

COFFEE GROUNDS – coffee smells good, and a lot of people think that pouring coffee grains down the drain will help make it smell a little nicer, but instead, it leads to problems. Coffee grounds stick together and over time can easily block your pipes, add them to your compost heap instead.

FRUIT AND VEGETABLE STICKERS – those pesky, tiny stickers can cause BIG problems. If you have been tempted to let one of those stickers wash down the drain – DON’T. While they look innocent enough, they take years to compost down, which is bad news for both the environment and your pipes.

SEEDS AND GRAINS –  seeds, nuts and grains also cause problems for our drains, and this includes cherry pits, corn kernels and chia seeds that expand in water. To keep your pipes clean don’t throw any seeds down the drain instead throw them into the bin or add them to your compost.

RICE AND PASTA –  both pasta and rice will continue to absorb liquids – even after being cooked and will turn into a hard-to-break down, sticky mess.

PUMPKIN – cutting up a whole pumpkin is great until it comes time to clean up the mess. You are left with a stringy, orange mess that is hard to clean up, imagine how your pipes would cope if you tossed it down the sink? Add your leftover pumpkin scraps to the compost bin, or garbage bin.

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