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Blocked drains: Tips and Tricks

Posted by plumbersDIRECT on  07/07/2020
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My kitchen sink has a blocked drain, how do I clear it? The quickest, easiest and cheapest way to clear minor blocked drains is also one of the most effective; boiling water. If there is pooled water sitting in your sink that won’t drain away, you should get this out first. Use a cup to scoop the water into a bucket so that once the boiled water is poured in it can go at a
There are a number of reasons why you have blocked plumbing. These are the top 5 reasons why you have a blockage in your plumbing. 1. Foreign Object blockage Any item/s other than toilet paper can cause issues if flushed down the toilet. Sanitary items like pads and tampons are common culprits. Baby wipes and nappies have also caused many a plumber headaches. 2. Sink blockage Do not wash the fat from a frying pan
When it comes to guttering or roof issues, most of us don’t think of plumbers. But in NSW, you need a plumbing license for performing any sort of plumbing or drainage work – roof plumbing comes under this. Plumbers Direct offers roof plumbing services for our clients right across Sydney. Do you know what a roof plumber does, and why you need one. What is roof plumbing? Roof plumbing, often referred to as storm water
Plumbing problems can occur *out of the blue*, not only can plumbing issues be annoying but they can also disrupt your business. This could be down to a safety issue, or, it could mean a loss of productivity, either way, it’s essential your business runs without problems with your plumbing. There are a few different types of plumbing issues that occur in commercial premises, they often happen suddenly, but if you are aware of what
Unfortunately, it’s very easy to fall prey to some simple plumbing mistakes, that can end up costing more time and money down the road. There are a lot of simple plumbing problems that occur around the home, with some homeowners trying to fix the problem on their own rather than calling out a Sydney plumber. Did you know that even the simplest fixes can lead to some costly mistakes? Here are a few common Do It

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