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We are also on Nextdoor App

Posted by plumbersDIRECT on  24/08/2022
Category: Plumbing Tips
We are now on the Nextdoor App
Did you know that Plumbers Direct are also located on the Nextdoor App so head over and join the Plumbers Direct group for all your local updates and plumbing tips.
Plumbers Direct are specialists in the installation, cleaning and repair of roof guttering and downpipes. Rusted, poorly aligned or badly secured gutters and downpipes can cause flooding to the internals of your home or business, resulting in significant property damage. How you can prevent roof damage? Roof care and maintenance are essential services because your home’s roofing bears the brunt of harsh weather conditions in both summer and winter. The only way to do a
Plumbers Direct Tips  Clear your roof gutters The gutters on your roof can become blocked with leaves and other debris that will prevent water from flowing during a big storm.   Clearing this debris will: Encourage water to drain from your roof the way it is supposed to Prevent insects, vermin and animals from nesting in your gutters Stop excessive water flow from destroying your garden When your gutters are blocked, the rain that falls from

Blocked drains: Tips and Tricks

Posted by plumbersDIRECT on  07/07/2020
Category: Plumbing Tips
My kitchen sink has a blocked drain, how do I clear it? The quickest, easiest and cheapest way to clear minor blocked drains is also one of the most effective; boiling water. If there is pooled water sitting in your sink that won’t drain away, you should get this out first. Use a cup to scoop the water into a bucket so that once the boiled water is poured in it can go at a

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