Leaking Toilet

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A leaking toilet can add up to $450 a year to your water bill. We’ve seen some leaking toilets that have been left for so long they’ve actually added up to $3,000 to a bill – that’s a lot of money and a lot of water wasted.

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Leaking Toilet

toilets-blocked It also created damage to the floors and walls and mould had spread into the next room. OK, so that’s an extreme case but it highlights why it is important to get your loo fixed before it’s too late.

Whether it is a toilet that is constantly running from the cistern to the bowl, a leak from the external connections to the toilets themselves or a leak around the base of the toilet, Plumbers Direct can help.

Qualified, experienced (and neat, tidy and polite!) our team of plumbers can quickly come to your home and advise you on the best way to stop the leak.

Sometimes it is a quick and simple fix but if the toilet and connections are old it may need to be replaced. Either way our friendly plumbers will discuss the options with you. We also offer a blocked toilet Sydney service if your toilet is blocked.

So take the plunge and call Plumbers Direct on 1300 877 448 to repair that leaking toilet.

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    I found Plumbers Direct through the Next-door App and I contacted them and spoke to Mel. The professionalism and speed at which I had a plumber out to me was first class not to mention the plumber…

    A Parramore
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    As a regular user of Tradies it is so refreshing to see true plumbing tradesmen at work.  We tried for weeks getting our drainage problem sorted only to call Plumbers Direct and they were remarkable, efficient and service that…

    M Ballard - Epping
  • starstarstarstarstar

    Fixed our blocked sewer with minimum of fuss.  No jargon but just good work from a team of tradesmen at Plumbers Direct.   

    P Reddy - Blocked sewer no more
  • starstarstarstarstar

    I didn’t think of plumbers when it comes to roofing work. But in NSW, apparently you need a plumbing license for performing any sort of plumbing or drainage work – roof plumbing comes under this. Thank goodness because I…

    P Kennersly - Roofing Plumbers
  • starstarstarstarstar

    I finally found a reliable plumber. I called this plumber at approx 1:00am last night / this morning because my sewerage had blocked and made a huge mess. They came, fixed the problem and to my surprise cleaned the…

    Ben Faxell on, True Local
  • starstarstarstarstar

    As a Property Manager working in the Hills District, I cannot recommend Plumbers Direct highly enough for their services. I rely heavily on my contractors to provide thorough and accurate information to convey to my clients. They are quick…

    Jessica- Property Manager
  • starstarstarstarstar

    Really good, helpful plumber. Gave me a fair quote and did a good job without any trouble. I have used them three times in 5 years and very very happy to with their service. Very respectful, and easy to…

    Keith Lindsey
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    The team at Plumbers Direct are professional, reliable, honest and have always delivered on their promises. We have not had to worry about following up once the work order is sent to them.


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