Need help with blocked plumbing

There are a number of reasons why you have blocked plumbing. These are the top 5 reasons why you have a blockage in your plumbing.

1. Foreign Object blockage
Any item/s other than toilet paper can cause issues if flushed down the toilet. Sanitary items like pads and tampons are common culprits. Baby wipes and nappies have also caused many a plumber headaches.

2. Sink blockage
Do not wash the fat from a frying pan down your kitchen sink because it’s common for the fat to cool and solidify while still in your pipes. As the fat builds up over time, you can find yourself with a severe blockage that’s incredibly hard to budge without the proper equipment. If you suspect a fat blockage in your pipes get one of our plumbers involved. They’ll be able to dislodge the fat with the proper tools and get your pipes back in working order.

3. Grout or concrete blockage
Sometimes this is caused when you move into a newly built or renovated house only to get blocked drain after blocked drain. Some tilers don’t dispose of leftover grout from their work appropriately, instead they pour it down the drain. The grout or concrete will then settle at the bottom of the pipes and set, leaving the pipe partially blocked and prone to issues. This is definitely one for the professionals. Plumbers Direct will use either a jet rodder or a robotic cutter to remove the set concrete in the pipe. In severe cases, the pipe will need to be entirely dug up and replaced.

4.Tree roots
On a lot of occasions, tree roots are the cause of your blocked pipes. Roots can travel long distances in search of water, particularly in times of drought or low rainfall. Even very small breaks or cracks in your pipes can give roots access enough to block up your system. If you suspect tree roots are the cause of your blocked pipes then it’s time to call the professionals. Our licensed plumbers will have the tools necessary to properly clear the roots from your pipes.

5.Poor installation
Plumbing is a licensed trade for very good reason. Pipes laid incorrectly can cause any number of issues that can lead to blockages or even structural damage to your property.

A couple of common issues associated with bad installation include:

Pipe Backfall

This is an issue where the pipes are laid without the requisite minimum fall to keep water flowing fast enough through the pipe. Pipe backfall can cause paper and other sediments to settle to the bottom of the pipe, eventually creating blockages.

Crushed or Collapsed Pipes

Crushed or collapsed pipes commonly occur if the pipes aren’t laid deep enough underground. Failure to surround underground pipes with sufficient sand or gravel is another common cause.

Pipes laid incorrectly can easily break when heavy vehicles such as a car or truck travel over them. Even tiny cracks can invite tree roots to cause blockages, but a partially or fully crushed pipe can spell a major problem.

If you have any plumbing blockages call the experts at Plumbers Direct today!

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