Prevent leaks with these tips

Leaking Taps –

When you turn an outside tap on, and you get water leaking from around the handle it could mean a loose packing nut or a faulty washer. Using a wrench or pliers try tightening the nut first. If the leak persists even after you have tightened the nut, turn off the water to the house, remove the tap handle and unscrew the nut. You should be able to pull off the old washer and take it to your emergency plumber or hardware store to find the right replacement.

Pipe cutting –

It can be difficult to cut a thin metal pipe with a hacksaw without mangling the cut or squashing the pipe. To get a good cut insert a wooden rod into the end of the pipe, you want to cut. Wrap one end of the rod with tape to make the rod the same inner size of the pipe. Clamp your pipe and wood into a vice and cut through both the pipe and the wood for a perfect cut.

For bigger or tighter cuts, use a dull blade –

When you need to cut a larger pipe use a reciprocating saw fitted with an older, dull wood blade. Using a new metal blade with sharp teeth tends to grab onto the pipe, and a metal blade actually MELTS plastic instead of cutting it. Dull wood blades cut into plastic without melting the plastic.

For a leak-free connection – de-burr the pipe –

Any burrs on the end of a pipe that is left over will create small channels in the cement when you push the fitting into the pipe. This is how you get leaks, always scrape away burrs with a utility knife before joining the pipes.

Don’t re-use, always buy new fittings –

Rather than re-using old copper pipe fittings, recycle them. It is difficult and time-consuming to take fittings apart and clean them, buy new fittings instead. There is always a chance the old fitting will leak.

Check your supply lines –

Plastic or rubber lines that run from appliances, toilets and taps to shut-off valves can become brittle over time and crack due to age. Eventually, they will burst. Take time at least once a year to inspect all the supply lines to your home. If you find leaks, cracks or corrosion, call your plumber on 1300 896 508 to come out and replace the line.

Have a leak? –

Valves are one of the main culprits because they have moving parts and seals that can wear out. If you do find a strange puddle look at the valve to see if it is leaking. This is one of the most common reasons a plumber gets called out, but it’s an easy fix. Try turning the packing nut slightly – if you over-tighten it the valve won’t turn, if this doesn’t stop the leak, call your local plumber on 1300 896 508 for assistance.


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