Save Water with These Tips

Everybody wants to save money, and when you save water, you are saving money. The good news is you don’t have to do anything *drastic* just a few simple changes will have a significant impact.

Find and fix any leaks – constantly running toilets and dripping taps can be fixed at home, often without the need to call a plumber. Drips are wasting water, and if you think you have a hidden leak, then it’s time to call your plumber on 1300 896 508 and have the issue looked at professionally.

Water saving tapware – if it’s time to replace some of your taps with plumbers, or your shower head WELS water efficiency ratings are an excellent way to compare products. The more stars on the label, the less water will be used and the more you will save. You could also look at having flow controllers or aerators installed on existing tapware to reduce your water usage.

Water efficient appliances – the WELS rating also applies to water using appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. Some newer dishwashers can use as little as half the water of some older models.

Only run full loads – this applies to wash machines and dishwashers, run these appliances when they are full, rather than half full, as it is both more energy and water efficient.

Water efficient toilets – all new toilets come with the half-flush water saving option, which can save families – especially large families, thousands of litres of water per year. If you have an older toilet with a full-flush only cistern, there are some devices available that can be installed in your cistern to reduce the amount of water used for each flush.

Minimise running water – always turn taps off when you are brushing your teeth, you can also save a good amount of water by washing your fruit and vegetables in a basin or dish of water, or with the plug in the sink, rather than under running water.

Reduce your time in the shower – this is a pretty simple water saving tip. Try and encourage everyone in your home to take shorter showers, even if it’s only a minute less. Putting a timer in the bathroom is a great way to help keep everyone on track.

Catch your cold water – use a bucket to catch the first lot of cold water that comes through when running a bath or shower, you can then use the water on your garden.

Install a water tank – collecting and re-using water is an effective way to reduce your water usage, you can even have the rainwater tank diverted, so when you flush the toilet, the tank water is used, or you can use your tank to water the garden or wash the car.

If you are having any water issues, leaks, blockages etc., call your plumber on 1300 896 508 to assess the problem for you.

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