Questions to Ask When Renovating A Bathroom

If you have decided to tackle a renovation of your bathroom, laundry or kitchen, there are a few things you need to think about.

When you call out for your plumbers in Sydney, these are the top questions to ask:

Does my renovation need a *development application*?

If you want to add anything major – such as an extra bathroom at the back of the house, you will need to ask council permission. For most other work – a straight swap/replacing old for new you should be okay, but it’s best to ask your licensed plumber first. After all, it would be costly to have to undo any work thanks to a legal problem.

What are the warranties on the products supplied?

Buy the best fixtures you can afford, they generally come with longer warranty periods.

Do the fixtures meet Australian standards?

As always – buyer beware. Do your research. There are still loopholes that allow for the sale of items that don’t meet Australian standards, so always make sure you use or buy quality products.

Do I have an up-to-date diagram?

You would need to contact your local water authority to obtain a copy of your property’s *Drainage diagram*; this will show you where all the pipes are (or where they SHOULD be). If the house has been previously renovated, make sure the current layout matches the diagram because if it hasn’t been updated, you could cut through a pipe by accident and end up with a wet mess. Don’t forget if YOU are carrying out any renovations and have made changes to the outlay of pipes – update them on the diagram.

This document is a bit like a time-machine and dates back to when water pipes and drains were installed on the property. With these you can *see behind* the walls, it lets you know what – if anything has been done to the house and if everything is up to standard.

A drainage diagram is an official document that shows the layout of the property and the location of pipes, including where it connects to the waste-water system. There are different types of drainage diagrams, but the one with the best view of your property is the sewerage system diagram. It lets you see where all the original plumbing was and if they have been moved. If they have been moved it’s important to know.

Your home may have a brand-new kitchen or bathroom already, or an extension or new deck has been added, but has the diagram been updated? Have pipes been moved? Should they have been moved? It could be a sign the work wasn’t done by professionals.

Call our 24 hour plumbers on 1300 896 508 before beginning any renovations, use the drainage diagram when planning changes to your home, and ensure they are properly and professionally updated and kept up to date at all times.


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