Replacing your toilet in seven steps

Whether you are re-setting an old toilet following a bathroom renovation or installing a brand-new water-efficient toilet, removing and replacing a toilet is a simple and straightforward job that you can complete in a day.


Switch OFF the water before you do anything! If your bathroom doesn’t have a stopcock in the room, switch off the water at your main supply. Most homes will have the stopcock next to, or close to the toilet, switch it off and disconnect the pipes from your water supply to the base of the toilet cistern.


To empty out the remaining water in the toilet, keep flushing until the cistern is empty. Then use a dry sponge and a bucket to remove any water that is still left in the toilet bowl. You will also need some rags to wipe up any remaining water in the outlet pipe, it’s okay, this is clean water.


This is the *fun* part! If your toilet has been bolted to the floor simply undo the bolts to remove it. If your toilet has been cemented into the floor, you will need to chisel out the cement and then break the toilet off. Remember to wear a pair of safety goggles to protect your eyes from any flying bits and a good pair of strong gloves to protect your hands. Once the toilet has been removed, use a bucket of water and a cloth to clean the floor. Don’t sweep it up as you will only create more dust.


With the toilet removed and any excess concrete chipped off the floor you may encounter a *smell* coming from the outlet pipe, this is normal, just plug it up with some plastic bags while you work.


Fit the new toilet into the outlet pipe until it is snug, then fasten the toilet to the floor, pop the cistern of top of the base and fasten everything together, you will also need to fasten the cistern to the wall. While you normally use sanitary fixings or rawl bolts to fasten the toilet to the floor contractor adhesives works well too. You can use a glue to affix the base of the toilet onto the tiles.


You will now need to fix a new wax seal between the outlet pipe and toilet. If it hasn’t already been cut, cut it so you can fit the seal around the outlet pipe at the back of the toilet and push it into the main outlet pipe. Ensure there are NO gaps or holes anywhere as water will leak out and onto the floor.


And, now for the tricky part, when you buy a new toilet it won’t come pre-assembled, you need to put everything that fits into the cistern together.

When you are all done, connect the water supply, switch on the water and check for leaks. If you have any issues call 24 hour plumber 1300 896 508, or even better, let Plumbers Direct install or replace your toilet for you!

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